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Palau , Yap & Peleliu Micronesia Adventure 2018

The Republic of Palau is Micronesia’s western most island chain which offers some of the most unique opportunities to be found anywhere in the world. It’s natural beauty, untouched wilderness, intact culture, remoteness and stability combine to offer something for adventure seekers, historical buffs, nature enthusiasts as well as those who just want to get away from the rapid pace of their lives and soak up peace and tranquility.
Palau is located between Guam, The Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. Palau is more than a 400–mile long archipelago (ar·chi·pel·a·go defined as a large group of islands) that gives home to one of the world’s most unique phenomena, The Rock Islands. These Rock Islands are mostly uninhabited and are located in a large lagoon that harbors one of the world’s greatest concentration of corals, fish, and other marine life. You can expect to experience over 1,400 species of fish, over 700 species of corals and anemones. Very rare species such as the giant Tridacna Clam (giant clam, the largest in the world) , and dugongs (manatees), there are even saltwater riparian crocodiles and let’s not forget the natural wonder of Jelly Fish Lake. All of this yet there are no poisonous animals or insects on Palau

Not surprisingly, Palau has been named the No.1 Under- Water Wonder of the World. The protected lagoon and astounding diversity of this area has also given rise to other activities in recent years as sea kayaking, parasailing, and world class sport fishing.
300 miles from the island of Palau is the very traditional island of Yap a part of that Micronesia chain of islands.
Come to Yap and explore their ancient Pacific culture and traditional ways of life. Yap has one of the last remaining Micronesian cultures and no visit to Yap is complete without experiencing the old ways up close and personal.
The reefs surrounding the islands of Yap are home to a rich diversity of tropical marine life. Yap’s most popular natural resource is their resident population of manta rays, which divers and snorkelers have a good chance of seeing on a daily basis. Usually found inside the lagoons, the dive guides in Yap are expert at finding the mantas, plus a host of other animals to keep divers and snorkelers entertained. Yap also boasts lively colorful coral reefs and walls teeming with sharks, trevallies, nudibranchs and another favorite, mandarin fish.

The tropical climate for both Yap and Palau are some of the most uniform in the world averaging 81 to 90 degrees year round, the waters surrounding both islands maintain an 84-86 degree water temp so your 3mm wet suit will be perfect.
This is an experience of a life time, one that you will never forget. “Come Sea For Yourself”

This adventure will accommodate 16 clients and will include:

· 4 nights lodging accommodations (based on double occupancy), on Yap Island at Manta Ray Bay Hotel
· Daily wake-up call with coffee or tea delivered to your room
· Daily breakfast
· 6 boat dives
· Round trip airport transfers
· Government hotel transfers

On the Island of Palau:
· 7 night accommodations (based on double occupancy) at the World Class Palau Pacific Resort
· Daily buffet breakfast
· 5 days of 2 tank boat dives including free Nitrox for all divers with a Nitrox certification, one dive at world famous Chandelier Cave, and one snorkel dive in Jelly Fish Lake, day trip to historical Peleliu Island WWII battle field of “bloody nose ridge” both land and underwater artifacts
· Daily boxed lunch for divers
· Round trip airport transfers
· Government hotel taxes
This present package Does Not include:
· Round trip airfare (It will be offered within the next 60 days)
· Gratuities at either location.

First come basis
We have early booking at your request to allow clients to take advantage of our payment plan upon request. Talk to Mike at 773-412-3723.
We expect this adventure to fill quickly because of the payment plan, so don’t tarry!
All interested persons should contact Mike at maparnell1@aol.com, or 773-412- 3723